This is a celebration of a marriage.  I wrote the song as a gift for my wife Martha’s goddaughter Molly Venter (of Red Molly) and her husband Eben Pariser (who fronts a band called Roosevelt Dime.)   They were married in June 2014.  I wove in as many details of their romance that I could discover without consulting them directly; the list of contributors is too long to list (and is highly classified.)  The song didn’t come close to being finished in time for the wedding.  That was just as well because I was then able to include details of the festivities, which were held in a beach-side pavilion on Long Island Sound; under its roof is a working, century-old merry-go-round. 

Guided yet again by producer Jim Robeson, an assembled band of great musicians (and I) grabbed the brass ring and captured (if I do say so myself) a joyous, rollicking sound.  It is reminiscent for me of  . . .  oh, I’ll let you decide what the music evokes for you.  Don’t be bashful about reaching for a partner and dancing to the backbeat! 

© 2014 Steven E. Cutts 
recorded January 24 and February 8, 2015 (recorded and mixed by Jim Robeson). 

Steve, vocal and acoustic guitar 
Jason Byrd, electric guitar  
Jamie O’Connell, drums  
Jim Robeson, bass 
Bill Starks, organ 
Lara Supan, vocal 
Bruce Swaim, saxophone 

(When not touring with their respective bands, Molly and Eben perform as a duo under the name Goodnight Moonshine.) 

Quarter notes and back beats from Tennessee to Brooklyn: that’s what connected you to me. 

Like a tune I kept on hearing, you kept reappearing – a pleasant -- an alluring -- melody. 

But I was none too sure you had really taken notice. Did I ever cross your mind? 

Then our first kiss goodnight felt like I hoped it might, and I sensed hints of harmony and rhyme. 

Your love found me! You were more than I’d let myself dream of.   

Your love found me! I grabbed the brass ring; I’d waited so long. 

All the planets finally aligned as a part of the grand design to put your hand in mine. 

Your love found me! 

Half-way ‘round the world -- seasons upside down -- Nature and Romance served as guides.    

We talked about forever, and forever sounded perfect when forever meant forever by your side. 

Your love found me! You were more than I’d let myself dream of. . . . 

Your love found me! We had a wedding that folks will remember. 

Your love found me! It is a memory we’ll treasure so long.   

All our friends were there toasting with wine next to the Carousel of Time. 

The night sky gave a sign: the moon thin as a dime. Put your hand in mine! 

Your love found me!