OK, you may find this amusing . . .  or you may not.  It is meant to be cynically sardonic, tongue-in-cheek farce.  But, oh dear, my criticism seems even more applicable today than it was nine years ago. 

The tune, you will realize quickly, is “Teddy Bears’ Picnic”.  The melody, Wikipedia tells us, dates back to 1907, and the “Picnic” lyrics that I know (and that I hope you remember) were written in 1932 by one Jimmy Kennedy. 

I’ve not posted this recording before because (Here's a confession!) I appropriated the instrumental track.  I did have to manufacture a little something (the ending maybe?), but doing that was hardly enough for me legitimately to call it my own.  I may behind bars soon if anyone rats on me.  (For this reason, this is the one Prime Cutts recording I’m NOT offering as a download.)

© Steven E. Cutts, 2015
a Studio C recording, 2015

If you look ‘round at your neighbors today,                                

You’re sure of a big surprise.                                                     

As you look ‘round at your neighbors today,                              

You may see the White Demise.                                     

Majority is slipping away --                                                       

The numbers trending proving that THEY                                  

Are gaining ground; this certainly ain’t no picnic!                       

                     You had better stand your ground;                                                         

                     The privilege you deserve is steadily going down the drain.                    

                     How can people black and brown                                                          

                     Encroach on what has been your White Domain?                                    

                     Head for Walmart – buy a gun;                                                  

                     The onslaught’s just begun; hey, why not buy two or three?                                                 

                      It’s clear that you had better bear arms if you want to stay ahead 

                      In this the land of the White and Free.                                        

If you go out in the world today                                     

You’d better not go alone.                                                          

‘Cause THEY will certainly look for a way                                   

To see that you’re overthrown.                                       

THEY’ll steal your job; THEY’ll marry your kids;            

It looks as though your luck’s hit the skids;                                 

Yes, that’s the way THEY’re planning to spoil your picnic.          

            Is it really all that bad                                                                                                    

            To have to share? You know there’s more than enough to go around.                   

            Think of all the luck you’ve had --                                                                                                                  

             For centuries white wealth’s been trickling down.                                                             

            Yes, THEY caught you unawares;                                                                                                                       

            It’s more than you can bear; it’s scary, but even so                                                                                                    

            Sooner than later THEIR mommies and daddies will move next door to you        

            So practice your most sincere “hello”.     


Every citizen who’s been good

Deserves a fair shake today.

THEY might turn out OK if you could

Be color blind come what may.

Let’s let others join in the fun.

(Forget my joke about buying guns!)

So what do you say? Can you bear to share your picnic?