part of the "Seems Like Old Times" EP 

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At too many points in the past few years, it has been difficult to feel hopeful. But managing to find even a bit of optimism seems to be part of our human survival.  If nothing else, we can take heart from our daily rolling toward the sunlight. 

© Steven E. Cutts, 2021 
recorded and edited by Jim Robeson, winter 2022 

Steve, guitar and vocal 
Kimber Ludiker, fiddle

A lot of the news you bring makes me feel sad; 

more often than not something’s happened that's bad. 

I hold on real tight to the arm of my chair                                               

and hope we survive all the troubles out there. 

People are threatened and angry right now; 

we’re stirred-up, impatient, indignant, and loud -- 

and just when we all need to rally as one. 

We’ll argue until all the good’s been undone. 

So I have to remind myself:  even on days 

that are stormy and dark – marred by rain and by haze -- 

that behind all the clouds and the winds that blow strong, 

the sun has been shining right there all along. 

This land has sustained my whole family for years; 

the fields that we plow we hold sacred and dear. 

But now days the water we pump can run dry; 

Each harvest we hope that this year we’ll get by. 

So I have to remind myself: even at night 

when my vision’s not sharp and I’m wanting for light, 

I need to stay patient ‘cause it won’t be long 

‘til the sun reappears at the breaking of dawn. 

The steps we take forward are timid and small; 

 it’s hard to hope we’re progressing at all. 

There’re so many things that have never been fair;                               

there’re too many burdens only some have to bear. 

Hard times conspire so we’re feeling like Job, 

and all we can do is to hope against hope. 

Just like the sun always burns through a haze, 

 so hope will endure ‘til the end of our days. 

 Oh, I hope hope endures ‘til the end of our days.