I suppose that artificial intelligence can have some useful, even miraculous purposes.  But do we really need a computer composing poetry?  creating a painting?  writing a song?  (especially writing a song!!)  Why?  Haven’t humans been generating works of art for millennia? 

So allow me to protest.

© Steven E. Cutts, 2023
a Studio C recording, January 2024


Can we leave writing poems to honest-to-God people

And not to the whims of machines?

It’s true, we’ve invented ingenious devices,

But their way with words may not be what it seems.

Our ancestors knew not to toy with the muses, 

To revere inspiration for verse.

We need to resist innovation and leave poems

To humans for better or worse.

Let’s leave making paintings to genuine artists

Applying their sensitive touch.

With genius on genius down through the centuries, 

Would that be asking too much?

It’s talent that renders with brush or with pencil

And draws from down deep in one’s soul

A view of the world of today

Or of life long ago.

A wise woman said, “Don’t believe everything that you think.”

We don’t have to use everything that invention can bring.

Why can’t we leave writing songs to musicians

Whose brains work in rhythm and rhyme, 

Who’ve stepped ‘round a room to a waltz

In three-quarter time?

Why not leave it to those who are actually expert

In crafting a pleasurable tune, 

Who’ve felt love  and despair   and then hope

And stared up at the Moon.

Can spitting out patterns of ones and of zeroes compete

            with a true human being?                                      

When it comes to artistic expression, I don’t trust 

            a machine.