What's new???   Well . . . 

. . . there are now two album groupings.

This summer marks the twentieth anniversary of the release of "All Alone . . . But Hardly On My Own", so I have moved eleven tracks together.  (Only one cut from the original CD is missing -- the cover of Debi Smith's "My Father Was A Quiet Man".)  I'll be highlighting four of these songs in my August 28th YouTube Live broadcast.  The direct link to this album is https://theprimecutts.com/all-alone-but-hardly-on-my-own .

The second album is "Going Down The Road Feeling Glad", which I worked on through the fall of 2019.  Some songs were written in the productive twelve months following my retirement from teaching, but several reach way back into the catalog; one (“Let’s Swing”) is old enough to be going off to college!   Five of the songs were recorded by Jim Robeson in his Gaithersburg, Maryland studio; I assembled one in my own “Studio C;” and two come by way of Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee. Here’s a direct link:  https://theprimecutts.com/going-down-the-road-feeling-glad/.

I have recently created a new category that I'm calling "Our World" -- songs with the theme of our stewardship -- or our LACK of stewardship -- of Mother Earth .  The most recent recording -- which inspired this new group -- is meant to have a bit of tongue in cheek while hypothesizing about The End: "The Big Whimper." (https://theprimecutts.com/the-big-whimper ).

Our recent period of house-arrest has encouraged some video-making, and there is one example title "That Great Mistake Of Yours."  This is the first time I have posted a video.  Notice also the link on the home page to a forty-minute concert I presented on May 15.

I maintain a library of forty-three songs for you – 43 because that is, of course, a PRIME number!  New recordings appear now and then while a few get escorted by our crack security team back to the vaults for the time being.

Two reminders:  You can stream a song by clicking the ubiquitous right-pointing arrowhead on it’s page, BUT BE CAREFUL OF YOUR VOLUME SETTING AS THE SITE'S AUDIO FEATURE PACKS A PUNCH. 

Every tune is available for your music library free of charge.  Just click the DOWNLOAD button and it should arrive in your musical galaxy as an MP3 file.