What's new???   Well . . . 

. . . along with the eight relatively new recordings that are part of the "Going Down The Road Feeling Glad" album, there is now a new genre/grouping, a very new audio recording, and -- for the first time -- a "Featured Video" (of another new song.)

 I (and a supporting cast) worked on the "Going Down The Road ..." recordings through the fall of 2019.  Some songs were written in the productive twelve months following my retirement from teaching, but several reach way back into the catalog; one (“Let’s Swing”) is old enough to be going off to college!   Five of the songs were recorded by Jim Robeson in his Gaithersburg, Maryland studio; I assembled one in my own “Studio C;” and two come by way of Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee. Here’s a direct link:  https://theprimecutts.com/going-down-the-road-feeling-glad/.

I created a new category I'm calling "Our World" -- songs with the theme of our stewardship of Mother Earth or our LACK of stewardship.  The most recent recording -- which inspired this new group -- is meant to have a bit of tongue in cheek while hypothesizing about The End -- "The Big Whimper." (https://theprimecutts.com/the-big-whimper ).

Our recent period of house-arrest has encouraged some video-making, and there is one example title "That Great Mistake Of Yours."

I maintain a library of forty-three songs for you – 43 because that is, of course, a PRIME number!  New recordings appear now and then while a few get escorted by our crack security team back to the vaults for the time being.

Two reminders:  You can stream a song by clicking the ubiquitous right-pointing arrowhead on it’s page, BUT BE CAREFUL OF YOUR VOLUME SETTING AS THE SITE'S AUDIO FEATURE PACKS A PUNCH. 

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