What's new here at The Prime Cutts?  A new collection of recent work, that's what -- seven songs from among those I've written and recorded between last summer and now.  These were all recorded Using my home studio computer equipment (Studio C, as we like to call it.)  They may not have the variety in sound that a group of professional studio tracks might have -- with the input of session musicians.  But I think the recordings are clean and clear and capture the heart of each song.  The subjects of the pieces range from the war in Ukraine to birds and from denying civil rights history to complaining about my aches and pains.  You can access this little album directly using this link: https://theprimecutts.com/july-twenty-twenty-three

In addition to these seven, there are forty other songs for you to sample grouped in the various categories seen along the left.  These include last year's quintet of old-timey tunes collected as "Seems Like Old Times."

Two reminders: You can stream any song by clicking the ubiquitous right-pointing arrowhead on it's page, BUT BE CAREFUL OF YOUR VOLUME SETTING as the site's audio feature packs a punch.

 Every tune is available to be magically transported to YOUR music library absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.  Just click the DOWNLOAD button, and it should arrive in your music galaxy as an MP3 file.

You can stream all the songs from my albums "All Alone . . . But Hardly On My Own", "Going Down The Road Feeling Glad:, and the aforementioned "Seems Like Old Times" on SPOTIFY, on APPLE MUSIC, and on SOUNDCLOUD.