I have derived deep insights just by taking the dog for a walk.  

I share with you these profound thoughts with a lot of help from my friends: a friend from high school (Nick), a friend from my days at Georgetown Day School (Topher), and a true and loyal dog friend (Frannie). 

© 2020, Steven E. Cutts  
a Studio C Recording 2020 
with Nick Costa, drums; Topher Dunne, bass; and Frannie, as herself. 

Oh, I wish I were a dog!   

That’s a shocker, I confess.   

Right now I’m straining at my leash   

And feeling overwhelmed by stress.   

Every dog I know lives a life filled with blissful, unadulterated charms;   

And most hints of danger are really only false alarms.   

A steady brown-eyed gaze   

Or a slurpy kiss   

Would prompt my catered meals of kibble   

Served in my own silver dish.   

No one could claim I was crazy for baying at the moon.      

If I felt like it I’d nap an entire afternoon --   

Just as easy as falling off a log;        

Oh, I wish I were a dog! 

If only I could be a dog –   

I’d ignore the monthly rent;   

I’d take no notice of the bills                        

And still feel perfectly content.   

Instead of listening to the news and worrying ‘bout this crazy world   

I could curl up in a ball -- nose beneath my tail -- and dream about chasing squirrels.   

Forget the daily chores;   

Forget the house repairs.   

I’d be dressed for all occasions --   

Wouldn’t fret about what to wear   

I would never pause to ponder any deep philosophy;                                        

In pursuit of info I would sniff the forest for the trees;               

I’d have a rich internal monologue   

Oh, I wish I were a dog! 

Just as easy as peeing on a log;        

Oh, I wish I were a dog!  

("Woof, woof!")