How impressive are the Ukrainians?  How dastardly is Putin?  Let’s hope that the hostilities can end soon!!  I borrowed the melody of the chorus from bits of Ukraine’s national anthem. 

© Steven E. Cutts, 2023 
a Studio C recording, March 2023

Is there anyone more dangerous than a bully with an army? 

And this one has crossed one too many lines. 

The dull and desperate drone of war is always so alarming; 

It feels less like crusade and more like crime. 

This bully sent a chill wind from the north – 

A bitter wind that could not be ignored.

He’s made them prisoners of war, prisoners under house arrest. 

Their prison bars lie twisted by explosions in the streets. 

Prisons can turn deadly as the horrors will attest. 

They’re prisoners even as they flee. 

But all is not lost; lo and behold 

These prisoners have risen in revolt.

He miscalculated courage and the saving grace of pride. 

He misunderstood that he did not have justice on his side. 

Even though the bully won’t concede that he is wrong, 

Victims whom his vanity imprisoned still stand strong.

The infamous invasion has been turned into retreat; 

Trucks and tanks sit rusting by the road. 

Amidst the graves and ruin prisoners may finally greet 

A warm spring day when they’ll be left alone.

He miscalculated courage . . .