When does Life not have its challenges?  But during these past three years, I’ve felt as unsettled as ever I can remember.  You as well? 

© Steven E. Cutts, 2022  
a Studio C recording, November 2022

Uneasy is not easy; uneasy takes its toll. 

Uneasy shakes your confidence; it nibbles at your soul. 

Uneasy sneaks up slowly; it’s different from a loud and sudden fright. 

It rankles and unsettles, and confounds you in the middle of the night.                                  

There’re way too many questions; answers far too few; 

And then there’s always something that pop ups and is brand new. 

You are thrown off balance, like you’re tossing on a dark and stormy sea. 

Uneasy sounds discordant when what you need is four-part harmony.       

Get through today; brace for tomorrow; savor all the joy that you can beg, steal, or borrow. 

Uneasy loves company; you are not alone; you’re not alone. 

In topsy-turvy times like this, it is fair to want some rest. 

We’re all a little jumpy; we’re rarely at our best.                

We’re searching for some calming words, instead we get an eerie pantomime. 

Uneasy gradually wears us down a millimeter at a time. 

Get through today; brace for tomorrow; let’s savor all the joy that we can beg, steal, & borrow. 

Uneasy loves company; we are not alone; we’re not alone. 

It rankles and unsettles; it disturbs our sleep at night. 

Uneasy sneaks up slowly; it’s not a loud or sudden fright. 

Uneasy shakes our confidence; it nibbles at our soul, nibbles at our soul. 

Uneasy is not ever, ever likely to make the wounded whole. 

Uneasy’s never easy; uneasy takes its toll.