Beyond its TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY!!  "All Alone ... But Hardly On My Own" was released in the summer of 2000.  It contained these eleven songs of mine plus a cover of Debi Smith's "My Father Was A Quiet Man."  (that track is still available at the iTunes Store.)  The songs appear here in the order in which they appeared on the CD.  I was "hardly alone" in that I was joined in the studio by a slew of great musicians; check out the list of players on each song's page.  The album was produced and recorded by the fantastic Jim Robeson.

You can reach a song either by clicking on a title below or through the drop-down menu under the ALL ALONE ... BUT HARDLY ON MY OWN navigation button.

Couldn't You Dial My Number?            Two Gold Rings                 To The Bottom Line                 One Morning In May 

 Dancing With Your Memory               Just One Grain                    Ramblin' Man                Lullaby For Two Generations

                               I'm Not Going Away                        Pennies                               Sea Of People