two ends of the spectrum of life – a tribute to my own mom – another opportunity to be accompanied by the fantastic Bruce Neswick 

© 1999  Steven E. Cutts  (ASCAP) 
recorded in March 2000 at Bias Studios (recorded and mixed by Jim Robeson) 
on All Alone . . . But Hardly On My Own 

Steve, acoustic guitar & vocals 
Bruce Neswick, piano 

Sweet little child, just a hint of who you’ll be someday, 

I am here to watch you as you sleep and play, 

To guide as you grow year by year. 

I’ll hold your hand ‘til you feel sure and steady on your feet, 

Feed you what I know you should eat, 

Wipe away your every tear. 

Before you can read I will tell you stories, 

Explain the mysteries; calm your worries, 

Kiss you good night and tuck covers tight 

And stay by your side ‘til you are fast asleep.


Oh, Mother dear, not so strong as you get on in years, 

I’ll repeat the conversations you don’t hear, 

Cheer you up when you feel blue. 

You’ll take my arm, when you’re not sure or steady on your feet; 

I’ll remind you what you shouldn’t eat 

And what your doctor said to do. 

You’ll reminisce, I’ll listen to your stories; 

Help make decisions; calm your worries; 

Kiss you good night and squeeze your hand tight 

And stay by your side ‘til you are fast asleep.