I was in Port Townsend, Washington and passed a little bookstore.  On the door was a sign that read “Under Old Management”.   I wonder if the store is still there . . . under new management or old.  

This was yet another project that was a blast to record!  It was Jim Robeson’s idea to add a fiddle to this song and also his idea to call Ron Stewart who had been good enough to work with me many years ago.  I listed Ron’s bona fides on the page for Ramblin’ Man (Countryish). 

© 1999 Steven E. Cutts 
recorded August 7, 2013 at Bias Studios (recorded and mixed by Jim Robeson) 


Steve, acoustic guitar and vocal 
Rob Bartley, drums 
Jim Robeson, bass 
Ron Stewart, fiddle

I’m under old management; nothing much has changed ! I’ve made no renovations; couldn’t think of innovations for me. 

No strategy to implement; nothing ventured, nothing strained. 

Fads and fashions come and go; I loved the status quo the way it used to be. 

I am no less blunt; no more open minded; No less compulsive; no more enlightened; 

No less stubborn; no more exciting than I ever was in the past. 

I’m sticking to the way it’s been; it takes a certain discipline, 

But it’s brought me through thick and thin. I’m under old management. 

I’m under old management; nothing much has changed ! I have no plans to restructure, to remodel or reorganize. 

In fact, I’m feeling obstinate; I’ve got it arranged 

To just stay the way I am; I swear I won’t apologize. 

So don’t try to fax me; don’t send me email.  I don’t go to Starbucks; I don’t care what’s upscale. 

I don’t want to work out and don’t plan to eat well; I never did in the past ! 

I still prefer a rotary phone; I drink my coffee out of Styrofoam; 

You can carve it on my gravestone : “He was under old management.” 

I’m no more observant; no less agnostic; No more sensitive; no less caustic; 

No more stable and no less psychotic than I ever was in the past. 

What you see ‘s no accident; I’m not tempted to experiment. 

Complain to your heart’s content, but it’s the same old management. 

It’s the same old, same old, same old management.