This song goes back many years inspired by the appearance of Comet Hale-Bopp (which, Wikipedia reminds me, was visible for over a year and a half.)  This comet seen in 1997 had been preceded eleven years earlier by another appearance of Halley's Comet, which my father got to see a second time having been eight years ole when it had appeared in 1910.  All this got me playing with these celestial travelers and the meanings we give to the word star

© 1997 Steven E. Cutts 
recorded in 1997 for the Eyes Full of Innocence album by Dave Durr at Omega Recording Studios, Rockville, MD. 

Steve, acoustic guitar, vocal 
Rebecca Kotler. Cello 


Comets are the show-offs of the night sky trailing their plumes of cosmic rain. 

Unlike their meteoric cousins comets show their brilliance long enough to earn a name. 

Meanings are attached to their arrivals; they are joined to legend and lore 

Before they disappear for centuries more. 

By contrast stars are steady and plain-spoken, white beacons through the black of night. 

Stars don't abandon their constellations, age after age anchored still in sight. 

Easily confused for one another, stars seem content in their place 

And aren't seduced to chase comets as they hurtle out through space. 

It's tempting to aspire to be a comet attracting acclaim and regard. 

Instead of traveling far stay close to where you are 

And be content to shine more like a star.