This Grew out of a challenge on Rob Hinkal's virtual open mic : to write a song around the phrase "I'll Make you sorry you said that!" 

© 2021 Steven E. Cutts  
a Studio C recording 

You told me you’ve given your heart away too many times - 

That love is too much of a mine field – that you’re past your prime. 

       I’m sure that you figured I’d simply agree 

       And I’d leave it at that, but unfortunately 

I’ll make you sorry that you ever said that to me 

‘Cause I’m up for the challenge to get to the bottom of why you’re so hard on yourself. 

I’ve made it my mission to understand why it is you’ve put romance on the shelf. 

       My mind’s set on proving you wrong; 

       play my cards, right and it won’t be long 

 Before you admit you should never have said that to me. 


I hear you list flaws that you claim exist but I still cannot figure out how 

You’ve reached these conclusions; to me they’re delusions that’ve led to your monastic vow. 

You’re smart and you’re witty; you move with an elegant swing. 

So what’s unattractive about any one of those things? 

       It’s not that your charm has declined; 

       Like a Tennessee whiskey, the years have refined 

All the wonderful qualities you tried to downplay with me.  

Yes, you seem sad about bad luck you’ve had when it’s come to affairs of the heart. 

I can’t guarantee if you try, you’ll succeed, but I do recommend a fresh start. 

       Maybe it wasn’t my place to intrude 

       And I hope that you don’t think that I have been rude … 

But now aren’t you sorry that you ever that to me. 

       I didn’t pursue this with selfish intent 

       But I just might fall for you if you relent 

       And take every one of those words back that you said to me.