Here I am thinking I’m a truck-drivin’ man.   Or is it a metaphor?  We can overthink and plan ahead too far.  Sometimes we just need to trust we’re headed in the right direction and stay the course. 

I can’t imagine rocking out more than we did in this song.  I give myself credit for playing many of the instruments you hear, but the true driving forces in this overdubbed version were Rob Bartley on the drums and Paul Bell on electric guitar.  (Surely you will note the nod to the Allman Brothers.) 

© 2002 Steven E. Cutts 
a Studio C recording, May 2007 
added to at Bias Studios August 6 & 7, 2013 (recorded and remixed by Jim Robeson) 


Steve, vocal; acoustic & electric guitars; bass; and organ 
Rob Bartley, drums 
Paul Bell, electric guitar (rhythm and lead) 

Let me tell ya, goin’ sixty miles an hour doesn’t leave a man room to plan; 

I’m just steering after taillights that seem to be goin’ my way the best that I can. 

Goin’ too fast to read the road signs; I’m putting my faith in between the painted lines. 

When I was young, I rolled along following my dreams. 

Got a little older, I’d unfold the map and figure out a scheme. 

But now I’ve given up having any plan in mind; I’ve put my faith in between the painted lines.

I’ve stood along the sidelines, fault lines, front lines, borderlines, and starting lines. 

Heard too many guidelines, deadlines, bottom lines, punch lines, and pick-up lines. 

So now the only lines I’m inclined to follow Are dotted white and double yellow.

Gonna sit back and let the road take me where it wants to go; 

These lane markers keep me safe movin’ fast or slow; 

So, pull me ‘round the bends in time – Shoot me down the straightaways In between the painted lines. 

I’ve marveled at the coastlines, timberlines, skylines, power lines, assembly lines. 

Read too many headlines, bylines, timelines, bloodlines, and party lines. 

So now the only lines I’m inclined to follow Are dotted white and double yellow. 

I don’t run on chance or grand designs; 

Just keep myself in between the painted lines.