part of the "Seems Like Old Times" EP

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Roots music was and is influenced by the music of the church.  I tried to echo a bit of that tradition in this . . . even though the salvation proclaimed here is not from a divine source but rather from the power of human relationships in community. 

Once again, Cathy had suggestions that significantly shaped this recording.

© Steven E. Cutts, 2018 (revised 2020, 2021, & 2022) 
recorded and edited by Jim Robeson, winter 2022 


Steve, lead vocal 
Cathy Fink, banjo, guitar, and harmony vocal 
Kimber Ludiker, fiddle 
Marcy Marxer, mandolin and harmony vocal
Jim Robeson, bass

Every life meets its own share of sorrow; everyone has burdens we bear. 

But every time I’ve been weighed down with worries, I have been saved from despair. 


I was wrapped in a quilt of salvation, a patchwork of family and friends, 

Stitched with strong threads of relations, a length and a width without end. 

This comforter draped ‘round my shoulders kept me from feelin’ so low. 

I was bundled up warm against a cold, cold world; 

It’s the loveliest shawl I’ve ever known. 


I was led through a garden of redemption tended by neighbors for me, 

Its colors a cheerful sensation; its fragrances hung on the breeze. 

As I trod the paths of this Eden when life had exacted its toll, 

The soil rich with kind, kind affection 

Bore blossoms that made me feel whole. 


I was nourished at a feast of revival welcomed by guardians and saints. 

Their deep, sweet concern was so vital when I had been feelin’ so faint. 

I sat at the head of their table tasting from all they shared. 

I regained my strength in some hard, hard times. 

There could not have been better fare. 

There could not have been better fare.