I’ve written plenty about what’s wrong with the world and with human nature.  But then there is also plenty to make us shake our heads with amazement – “each marvel more marvelous / than the one that came before."  Time to channel our inner Kool & the Gang  (Come on!.)

© Steven E. Cutts, 2023
a Studio C recording, January 2024

All around us there are miracles – wonders that are great, wonders small.

When you stop to think about it, it’s a miracle – it is a miracle that we are here at all.

Hey, ladies and gents! Step up boys and girls! 

We have an awesome show for you from all around this world. 

I promise you’ll be spellbound by what we have in store; 

Each marvel more marvelous than the one that came before. 

Exhibit One: the atom, completely out of sight

Yet at the heart of everything, a primal inner light –

So small it should astound us that it can split in half,

But when it does, we best beware: it brings a fearsome flash.

All around us there are miracles . . .

Have you stared at an orchid? Followed a hummingbird

Whose heart and wings pulse feverishly in one stupendous blur?

A spider’s web’s a tour de force.  Consider the honey bee.

Listen to the summer night and the whales who sing at sea.

And then there is our body in which we spend our days

With our brain forever firing in a wild electric maze.

Eyes and ears to soak in what’s new in heaven and Earth;

Blood that rushes ‘round and ‘round; nerves at full alert.

The longer we live -- the more we understand –

The more amazing it all seems, like it was carefully planned. 

What at first seemed inconceivable turns out to be the truth.

So many stunning miracles, gigantic and minute.

At last, let’s ponder Planet Earth, the famous Pale Blue Dot,

Always spinning perfectly, our ideal, constant clock

Tracking just so from the Sun, not too near or far, 

Eight minutes distant as the light flies from our yellow star.

All around us there are miracles . . .