I’m not . . . yet. 

© 1997 Steven E. Cutts  (ASCAP) 
recorded March 5, 2000 at Bias Studios (recorded and mixed by Jim Robeson) 

On All Alone . . . But Hardly On My Own (available for purchase at iTunes, et al.) 

Steve, lead vocal 
Paul Bell, electric guitars  
John Lewis, electric bass 
Robbie Magruder, drums  
Bill Starks, piano & organ 
The MoMe Squad, horns  (arranged by Jim Robeson) 

Don't turn down the volume;  I've got something to say! Don't bring down the curtain while I'm still on the stage! 

Don't bring up the house lights;  make the audience stay! Don't give me that signal that my time has expired; 

I'm not going away! 

It seems that the word on the streets is that I've gotten older than old; 

But as far as I'm concerned, I'm just about as good as gold.          

I haven't bit the dust;  I haven't bought the farm; I haven't breathed my last;  the body is still warm! 

Don't you dare say that I'm passé;  I'm not going away!

Don't turn down the volume;  I've got something to say!. . . 

Now I've got to admit I may have lost a step or two; And I don't exactly have that bright-eyed look of youth. 

I need a nap after lunch;  I can't party until dawn. I may be slowly rusting out, but I'm still hanging on. 

I may be long in the tooth;  I may be past my prime; But there's a lot I still can do  (if you give me extra time.) 

I'm anything but déclassé;  I'm not going away! 


No,  I haven't lost my marbles;  I can still see fine; And you can still send me in when the game's on the line. 

‘Cause I can still kick some butt;  I can make the fur fly; I can still charm the ladies;  got a gleam in my eye! 

Just let me straighten my toupee;  I'm not going away! Don't tell me that I'm old and gray; I'm not going away!