This became a great excuse to work with an outstanding pianist, Bruce Neswick, whose accompaniment added tremendously to this song.

© 1998 Steven E. Cutts  
recorded by Dusty Rose at Cue Recording Studios, Falls Church, Virginia in 1999
on All Alone . . . But Hardly On My Own 

Steve, vocals 
Bruce Neswick, piano 

My parents taught me that I'd never get rich overnight; wealth comes from working hard and saving everything in sight. 

I had a piggybank; I'd add a coin or two, and gradually my penny fortune grew. 

Loving is like saving up our pennies in a special cup;   it's bits of kindness added day by day.                              

A tender word -- a helping hand -- and gradually we understand that we're in love. 

Love that really lasts does not appear in some bright flash; it takes its time in growing slowly which is why I say:  

"Invest your own love patiently; as it draws interest you'll find you'll be rich with love."

       Only in the movies and in fairytales does love come in the twinkling of an eye. 

       And likewise wisdom takes time to accumulate; we must wait 'til it matures by and by. 

Living can't be hurried; we can plan and we can worry, but life moves along at its deliberate pace.                      

A triumph here -- a setback there -- circumstances seem unfair; there's so much we'd like to know!                               

But questions that we ask may not be answered in a flash;
                     we often find solutions in a different time and place.                        

For living to make sense we have to save experience and let the interest grow. 

"A penny saved, a penny earned. "  "Save pennies for a rainy day. "        

"Let pennies fall from heaven."  Perhaps it's time to coin a new cliché :  

"That loving is like saving . . . that living is like saving all our pennies one by one."