part of the Going Down The Road Feeling Glad album

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On the whole, I find autumn to be lovely, "on the whole" being the operative phrase. 

As you’ll see by the copyright date, this song has been around for a while, initially with a very different sound than this recording.  I kept revising and then took it to Rob Bartley’s new hometown to record it with him at the keyboard. 

© 2004 Steven E. Cutts (revised 2006, 2018, 2019) 
recorded and engineered Oct. 15, 2019 at Ocean Way Nashville by Austin Atwood 
additional mixing by Jim Robeson 

Steve, guitar and vocal 
Robert Bartley, piano

October is so in-between; 

Change is in the air -- 

A temperamental balance of two extremes. 

Green leaves side by side with red and gold -- 

Soon branches will be bare. 

High blue sky filled with clouds blowing grey and cold. 

The season hesitates to comprehend if some miracle might intervene. 

Although I never doubt how fall will end, October always leaves me in-between.

Sunny warmth of autumn afternoon -- 

An August mimicry -- 

Chased away by a frost spread by harvest Moon. 

False hope, resignation, back and forth; 

And so it is with me. 

Ambivalence fights a chill wind from the north. 

No matter how ideal the summer was, there’s the promise of the year’s routine. 

No month teases like October does. October always leaves me in-between. 

New month, and indecision disappears just as All Saints’ follows Halloween. 

November is less beautiful but much more clear – 

                                                   clearer than October which had been so in-between.