Call me an old Fogy; tell me I'm out of touch.  But I don't understand how being an influencer is a job.  Trendsetters? Back in the day someone or a bunch of someones would start a fad but often inadvertently . . . and  you didn't get paid . . . and how do you make money off of the internet anyhow?  Well, the voice in this song seems to have all the answers. 

© 2021 Steven E. Cutts   
a Studio C recording 2021 


It’s your lucky day; you won’t regret you’re following me.  

I know I can dazzle with my trending hot celebrity.  

Social media brings you my super timely expertise  

Helping you in every way I can.  

TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat – name a platform, I cash in  

Dishin’ about diet foods, fashion, fitness, clearer skin,  

Spot removers, planting tubers, sweet greet tea, or vitamins.  

Just call me your Instaman!  

Let me influence you, give you what you need:  

Ceaselessly unique advice to bring you up to speed.  

Let me feed you the cues, show you what is cool.  

If you don’t have the time yourself to follow all the news, I’ll influence you.  

I crank out advice each day ‘cause I get paid for every post.  

My YouTube channel’s pullin’ in a ton of views from coast to coast.  

This gig could earn six-figures.  Oh, excuse me; I don’t like to boast,  

But followers are following me like mad.  

When the truth’s a little ify, I can cop a plea:  

I learned this on the fly; they don’t offer an online degree.  

I try to get it right . . . to the best of my ability;  

I owe it to my loyal devotees.  

It took me a while to find my signature, my special niche,  

But I have settled in to a very varied rich pastiche  

Of this and that and anything. I cater to the nouveau riche.  

My sweet, fresh face will sharpen up your taste.