Wha’ cha gonna do ‘til fame and fortune fall in your lap? I really cannot remember what got me working on this song, but it sure was fun to record! 

© 2003 Steven E. Cutts 
recorded in February 2004 at Bias Studios (recorded and mixed by Jim Robeson) 
on my ONE/THIRD album 

Steve, acoustic guitar, vocal 
Casey O’Neal, electric slide guitar 
Jim Robeson, bass 

Wha’ cha gonna do ‘til your ship comes in?                                         

Gonna slide along on dreams 

And imagining the scenes 

Of what you’ll do when all the fun begins?                                          

Gonna sit around expecting 

All the dough you’ll be collecting?  

Don’t forget that greed’s included 

In that list of seven deadly sins! 

How ya gonna live ‘til ya get what’s due? 

Figure food will drop from heaven?  

Or you’ll roll a lucky seven   

Everytime you’re down and feeling blue?                          

Better have some other option like you 

Wangle an adoption by a 

Lonely, wealthy widow ‘cause it 

May or may not all come true! 

Always on the rise, waiting in the wings 

‘til the world gets ‘round 

to  recognize that you’re the next big thing -- 

Wha’ cha gonna do? 

Wha’ cha gonna do ‘til your name’s in lights? 

When you’ve waited, waited, waited --  

Recognition’s been belated and your 

Place in history’s jeopardized. 

Say you’re feeling panic-stricken? 

And you know the clock is ticking? 

Will there be some satisfaction 

When it hits you that the end’s in sight? 

Wha’ cha gonna say when they call your name? 

When you walk up on the stage; you are 

Clearly all the rage and you are 

Playing now to wild acclaim! 

As you grab the little statue with the 

Whole world looking at you, and you 

Read your speech and say you  “Never 

Dreamed of having all this fame.”  Ha! 

Always on the rise, waiting in the wings.  

What if you never, never ever 

Get to be that next big thing? 

Wha’ cha gonna do?