My wife Martha and I went to the Women’s March in Washington on Saturday, January 21, 2017.  (See the photo below.)  I found the atmosphere to be electric – simultaneously disruptive and reassuring.  (And yes, Mr. Trump, the crowd on Saturday was bigger than the inauguration crowd the day before!)  I was reminded of the many times that Americans have headed for the streets to gather as allies, to call for justice, to make democracy a reality.  Regardless of how you assess the present, reestablishing a measure of balance is going to “take more than just one protest.”  

I had no preconceptions when I started writing what this would sound like; it begged to be a rhythm and blues song complete with horn section. 


© 2017 Steven E. Cutts 
a Studio C recording, February 2017 


It was time again for marching, time for speaking truth to power;

Demonstrators filling up the streets hour after hour. 

It was time again to bear witness, to raise concerns and sound alarms; 

Half a million kindred spirits linking arm to arm. 

To show up, to draw attention, many traveled through the night – 

To stand and to be counted, to stake a claim for all our rights. 

Time for marching!

Women called for “Bread & Roses” in the Lawrence strike of 1912 – 

Union workers side by side to protect themselves. 

And women at the White House calling for the right to vote – 

Sentinels at the gates and unafraid to rock the boat. 

Selma to Montgomery – D.C. Dream March ’63 – 

It took Kent State, Free Speech in Berkley, to make a dent in history. 

Time for marching!

It will take more than just one protest. March until your battle’s won! 

Wrap your anger inside a slogan: “Love, don’t hate!”  “Keep the faith.” “We shall overcome!” 

Time for marching!

Performing "Time Again For Marching" at The Holton-Arms School March 2018

Performing "Time Again For Marching" at The Holton-Arms School March 2018