Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, Love conquers all.  

I had a blast recording this!   I was reunited -- after thirteen years – with Paul Bell, Casey O’Neal, Jim Robeson, and Rob Bartley, AND the song is kick-started with the banjo of Rickie Simpkins (of Emmylou Harris’s Red Dirt Boys), AND Molly Venter (of Red Molly and Goodnight Moonshine) added harmony to the choruses.   

© 2000 Steven E. Cutts (revised 2013) 
recorded August 6 & 7, 2013 at Bias Studios (recorded and mixed by Jim Robeson) 

Steve, lead vocal 
Robert Bartley, drums and vocal harmony
Paul Bell, electric and acoustic guitars 
Casey O’Neal, dobro 
Jim Robeson, bass 
Rickie Simpkins, banjo
Molly Venter, vocal harmony

You got the timing to this all wrong! 

It should have been weeks or maybe months before you came along. 

She announced she didn't love me anymore; 

No sooner said and you walked through my door. 

My heart should have been broken and beyond repair, 

Crippled by a sadness more than I could bear. 

Before I could crawl into some hiding place 

I looked into your eyes and I was blown away. 


But is it too soon to feel this good again? 

When can a new love start after an old love ends? 

Is there some rule of romance I’m about to bend? 

Is it too soon to feel this good again? 

"She is the one for you!" claimed all my friends, 

And I believed them right up to the very end. 

No wonder I was starting to think love is cruel, 

But Fate was simply clearing out some space for you. 


But is it too soon . . . 

Those same friends tell me now, "Don't go so fast 

‘Cause new loves on the rebound very rarely last." 

But I've picked myself up, dusted myself off to find 

That I'm not inclined to follow their advice this time! 


I think it’s great to feel this good again! 

Why can’t a new love start after and old love ends? 

Don’t care if there’re rules of romance I’m about to bend. 

Last time I checked, my heart was on the mend. 

It’s just great to feel this good  . . .  this good again!