The blissful look on a baby’s face got me thinking about all that he or she could not possibly anticipate – good and bad.  Whoever that baby I spotted was is long beyond college by now and will have owned a leather baseball glove, spotted a first true love, and experienced even more of what the song predicts.  

This was one of my earliest songs.  It became the title track on Now & Then’s 1997 album and inspired that album’s cover of four baby photos.  (Click the Albums navigation button.) 

 Jim Robeson at Bias patiently transferred the original tracks from their ADAT tape format in August 2013 and remixed them to create a better-balanced and even more sparkling sound than the original had. 

© 1995 Steven E. Cutts 
recorded in 1997 at Horizon Music Group  (recorded and mixed by Roger Arnold) 
remixed in 2013 by Jim Robeson 
on Eyes Full Of Innocence 

Now & Then : 

Steve, acoustic guitar, lead vocal 
Robert Bartley, acoustic guitar, vocal harmony 
Richard Hicks, organ, vocal harmony 
Dan Zibello, acoustic bass 
plus Roger Arnold, congas 


Those eyes full of innocence looking out across all these years: 

They sparkle with happiness; they fill with hungry tears. 

But they can't imagine what's ahead; it's just as well that they have no sense 

Of the joy and sadness to come, those eyes full of innocence.

They've never seen that first spring day. They've never seen a doe and fawn. 

They've never seen a spider's web be-jeweled by the dew of dawn. 

They've never seen an eagle soar. They've never watched a whale at sea. 

They've never seen a lightning bug. They've never seen the autumn leaves. 

Neither have they seen a mother's grief for a son who was killed in war. 

They've never seen a river bring angry flood waters to the door. 

Never seen a sad and lonely soul begging out in the street. 

Too many scenes of pain in this world will re-peat and re-peat. 


 They've never seen a plant shut down or seen unemployment lines. 

They've never seen a love grow cold  or had to watch a loved one die. 

But then they've never seen two long-lost friends hug hello when they meet again. 

They've never seen the wronged set free; you know there'll be a lot to see. 


Think how much has happened since we looked out from those eyes! 

How can we think that we can guess where our future lies? 


 They have yet to see a brand new doll and a leather baseball glove. 

They'll get to learn new words to read; they'll get to spot their first true love. 

They'll get to see the prom dance queen – get to see the graduation scene -- 

See the world -- finally settle down – have a baby.   It will all come 'round.