What's new???   Well . . . 

My most recent recording is in the Contemplative genre.  It has a long title: "If It Were Simply Up To Me" (<< click there) and is a reflection on the current debate about immigration.

This is not new, but in case you have missed it, “Many Into One"  (<< click there) is an older recording, but it speaks to the  upset about immigrants.  It is cataloged in the Rockin’ department.

Although I'd at first intended to take it down rather quickly, "I Hope You're Happy Now!" (<< click there) -- my rant about electing You Know Who -- is still to be found under the Between The Cracks category.  My annoyance is renewed daily rather like one of those punishments in Greek mythology; I might rather have my liver pecked out on a regular basis than to continue enduring the nonsense out of the White House!

 I maintain a library of forty-three recordings for you – 43 because that is, of course, a PRIME number!  New recordings appear now and then while a few get escorted by our crack security team back to the vaults for the time being.

Two reminders:  You can play a song by clicking the ubiquitous right-pointing arrowhead on it’s page, but be careful of your volume setting as the site’s audio feature packs a punch.  Every tune is available for your music library free of charge.  Just click the DOWNLOAD button and it should arrive in your musical galaxy as an MP3 file.

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