Under Old Management

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Steven Cutts


I was in Port Townsend, Washington and passed a little bookstore.  On the door was a sign that read “Under Old Management”.   I wonder if the store is still there . . . under new management or old. 


This was yet another project that was a blast to record!  It was Jim Robeson’s idea to add a fiddle to this song and also his idea to call Ron Stewart who had been good enough to work with me many years ago.  I listed Ron’s bona fides on the page for Ramblin’ Man (Countryish).


© 1999 Steven E. Cutts
recorded August 7, 2013
 at Bias Studios (recorded and mixed by Jim Robeson)


  • Steve, acoustic guitar and vocal
  • Rob Bartley, drums
  • Jim Robeson, bass
  • Ron Stewart, fiddle


I’m under old management; nothing much has changed !

I’ve made no renovations; couldn’t think of innovations for me.

No strategy to implement; nothing ventured, nothing strained.

Fads and fashions come and go; I loved the status quo the way it used to be.


I am no less blunt; no more open minded;

No less compulsive; no more enlightened;

No less stubborn; no more exciting than I ever was in the past.


I’m sticking to the way it’s been; it takes a certain discipline,

But it’s brought me through thick and thin.

I’m under old management.


I’m under old management; nothing much has changed !

I have no plans to restructure, to remodel or reorganize.

In fact, I’m feeling obstinate; I’ve got it arranged

To just stay the way I am; I swear I won’t apologize.


So don’t try to fax me; don’t send me email. 

I don’t go to Starbucks; I don’t care what’s upscale.

I don’t want to work out and don’t plan to eat well; I never did in the past !


I still prefer a rotary phone; I drink my coffee out of Styrofoam;

You can carve it on my gravestone :

“He was under old management.”


I’m no more observant; no less agnostic;

No more sensitive; no less caustic;

No more stable and no less psychotic than I ever was in the past.


What you see ‘s no accident; I’m not tempted to experiment.

Complain to your heart’s content,

but it’s the same old management.


It’s the same old, same old, same old management.