I included "Solomon" as a new song at the CD release concert for All Alone … But Hardly On My Own in September 2000 -- a LONG time ago.  A live recording of that performance (which included Rob, Paul, and Casey then too) had a lot of energy but had its flaws; it took until 2013 to get a studio recording. This cast also includes my friend Molly Venter of the great American roots trio Red Molly; Molly added some youthful punch to the choruses.  This recording is at least a partial fulfillment of my 45-year-old dream to be in a rock band!

© 2000 Steven E. Cutts

recorded on August 6 & 7, 2013 at Bias Studios (recorded and mixed by Jim Robeson with help from Eric Tate at Firehouse 12, New Haven in September)

  • Steve, acoustic guitar and lead vocal
  • Rob Bartley, drums and harmony vocal
  • Paul Bell, electric guitar
  • Casey O’Neal, pedal steel guitar
  • Jim Robeson, bass
  • Molly Venter, harmony vocal


Solomon rushed out of his house on a crisp October morning;

He noticed that the trees had turned gold, scarlet red, and brilliant orange.               

Solomon said, “I’ve got some things to do; when I’m done I’ll admire the view,

But there’re deals to be made and business that I must pursue.”


Run, run, run, run, Solomon, run away!

Later, later, later, later, Solomon, another day!


But when Solomon at last made some time for the trees

All the limbs waved bare in a damp, chill breeze.

Leaves lay brown in the street washed down by a cold, gray rain.

Run, run, Solomon.  Autumn will come again.


Solomon passed a man on the street

with his palm out-stretched  he was dying to eat;     

But Solomon mumbled, “got no change today; “           

he picked up his pace, and he lookedaway.          

He thought to himself, “This is out of control;

I know that the man has been brought down low,

But it’s the government’s job to care for these poor lost souls.  


Run, run, run, run, Solomon, run away! . . .


Solomon decided that he was wrong;     

He looked for the man but the man was gone.

Some said he’d died, but others said they just weren’t sure.

Run, run, Solomon.  We always will have the poor.


Solomon met a woman; she was kind and good;                           

She looked down deep into Solomon’s heart,     

even deeper than Solomon could.            

Solomon didn’t know what to do;                         

Stumbling into love was completely new;           

He worried that this woman was too good to be true.                                                                                       


Run, run, run, run, Solomon, run away! . . .


Run, run, Solomon.  Maybe love will come again.