Steven Cutts


Maybe I’m wrong, but there don’t seem to be all that many Thanksgiving songs-- certainly not compared to the number of Christmas-themed tunes.  The old standards “We Gather Together” and “Come, Ye Thankful People, Come” that I remember from the Methodist hymnal are deeply ingrained, of course.   I recommend to you David Roth’s “May The Light Of Love.”  And there is Ken Hicks’s “All The Good People,” a version of which I join in on every year at my school (but which is a more general song of gratitude than specific to the annual American November feast-day.)  Someday I’ll post a good recording of an earlier attempt of mine called “Give A Little Thanks.” 


For the moment, though, here is my newly-minted addition to what I think of as a limited genre.


© 2015 Steven E. Cutts

a Studio C recording, Fall 2015


Let’s think a minute about this Thanksgiving

And about our existence that’s got very little missing –

Of the opportunities in this lucky life we’re living;

Is there gratitude deep inside your soul?


We sing of America’s great autumn tradition

From back through the centuries, a humble recognition

Of the bounty of the field and the gifts from the kitchen;

Can you feel the Pilgrims’ pride down in your soul?


It’s a time for family, friends, and neighbors;

It’s a brief pause, a rest from our labors

Full of warmth, grace, recipes we savor.

It’s a feast meant to fill up the soul.


The gathering in again  --  coming home in November –

Relations who have passed whom we pause to remember –

Sitting ‘round the picture-perfect table Norman Rockwell rendered –

Do the ties that bind wind around your soul?  


Cranberries, pumpkin, the turkey on a platter, 

Or vegan, Italian, it really doesn’t matter;

Every new dish makes the holiday grow a little grander.

Will this very special meal refresh your soul?