Those who know me well know that I do not pass over any chance to dine or to snack!   So why not take a culinary approach to a big and current political debate?

© 2002 Steven E. Cutts

a Studio C recording, March 2007


A recent immigrant orders lunch in a local Chinese restaurant;

Julio says, " ¡ Ho-la !  ¿ Me gustaria egg foo yung?"

Fu Ming Lee does not speak Español; his English even now is just so-so,

But they're communicating, creating a whole new mother tongue.


Beef burritos, terriyaki; chili salsa; green wasabi;

Korma, kabobs, hot knishes;nation-building kinds of dishes.


Morning, noon, and night adding more new spices to the flavor of America,

Expanding the franchise beyond burgers and French fries.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner: we're serving up a brand new version of America;

Communion of the masses; many into one.


I myself was raised on Wonder Bread, and TV dinners; here is what we said:

 "They’re as American as baseball, Mom, the flag, and apple pie."

 But now a New World Order's taking shape from across the borders on my plate,

 A smorgasbord of tempting treats deliciously diversified.


            Shrimp tempura, udon noodles -- common now as apple strudel.

            Lamb sovlaki, chicken curry; tastes can sure change in a hurry!


Morning, noon, and night . . .


Maybe we should change the motto:  "One nation under food."