Just One Grain

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I try to remember to repeat the chorus of “Just One Grain” to myself like a mantra whenever I am feeling overwhelmed by life’s myriad details – all of which, I am convinced, are entirely trivial.

© 1999 Steven E. Cutts (ASCAP)

recorded in mid-March 2000 at Bias Studios (recorded and mixed by Jim Robeson)

on All Alone . . . But Hardly On My Own

  • Steve, acoustic guitar & verse one 
  • Robert Bartley, acoustic guitar & verse three
  • Darren Defoore, verse two 
  • Topher Dunne, acoustic bass


We're just one grain on a beach of sand;

No less rough but no more grand.

Settled for awhile at the waterline

Rolling in and out with the waves of time.



Do you sometimes think that you must save the world

And then feel over-whelmed, the task absurd?

Instead, help just one friend in one small way

And you'll have made a difference each and every day.


Look out deep into the endless midnight sky

From our tiny perch inside a universe so wide.

We may feel self-important and stand so tall,

But by the scale of the stars, we are oh so small.


I catch myself complaining about my life

And all the things that haven't gone just right;

But trials and troubles that other people face

Make my own life seem like a state of grace.


Most days we trudge along through the same routine;

The extraordinary days are few and far between.

The trick's outlasting the clouds and the wind and rain

Then savoring all the perfect blue-sky sunshine days.