Steven Cutts


a special wish for a special someone 

© Steven E. Cutts, 2007, revised 2012
recorded in August 2013
 at Bias Studios (recorded and mixed by Jim Robeson)

  • Steve, vocal and acoustic guitars
  • Casey O’Neal, dobro
  • Jim Robeson, bass
  • Ron Stewart, fiddle 



I wish I could sweep up all your sorrows in my hand

Then blow them all away astride a breeze --

Let the wind take the sadness far away from here

And allow your weary, troubled heart to ease.

I would blow away your sorrows on a breeze.


I wish I could soak up every doubt that has crossed your mind.

I’d wring them all out someplace nowhere near.

Next, I would shower you with steady rains of hope and pride

So the sounds of confidence were all you’d hear.

I would wring your doubts out someplace nowhere near.


I wish I could paint for you a mural full of happiness;

I’d search to find the brightest tones and hues.

I would color just as high and wide as you can see

So happiness entirely filled your view.

I wish I could do all this for you.