(I Want To) Sing In The Angel Choir

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I don’t remember how “. . . Angel Choir” got started in my head, but the origin of the arrangement on this recording is very clear.  We four guys in Now &  Then had had great fun performing a cover of “Fancy Free” by the Oakridge Boys; we were channeling them in this track.  Rob Bartley and I sang this at a concert that memorialized the fifth member of Now & Then Debbie O’Brien who passed away in 1997 (before we put the Eyes Full Of Innocence album together.)  Rob joined me again in November 1998 to sing this at my mother’s memorial service.

©  1996 Steven E. Cutts

recorded in 1997 at Horizon Music Group  (recorded and mixed by Roger Arnold) 

on Eyes Full Of Innocence

  • Steve,  acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Robert Bartley, acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Richard Hicks, keyboard (banjo sound), vocals
  • Dan Zibello, bass guitar, vocals


I want to sing in the angel choir; I want to play in heaven's band.

I want to make celestial music of praise when I get to the Promised Land.

And after I cross the River Jordan and my sins are washed away,

I want to play the music of my Lord 'til the Judgment Day!


 I'm just sure that up in heaven you don't have to tune your harp;

The notes are always right on pitch, not a little bit flat nor a little bit sharp.

The land of the Lord is a land of perfection; that's what all the preachers say.

I want to play the music of my Lord 'til the Judgment Day!


 We can't make such music on Earth for in sin we all were born,

But up there in heaven your soul's so pure that they'll even let you blow old Gabriel's horn.

When the first blasts of that trumpet call musicians to obey

We'll all play the music of our Lord 'til the Judgment Day!


I'll bet that heaven's symphony has its own distinctive sound;

We can't imagine what it's like until we're heaven-bound.

It must echo through the universe God's glory to display.

I want to play the music of my Lord 'til the Judgment Day!