I Hope You're Happy Now!



I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I just had to get some things off my chest, frustrations I’ve harbored since Nov. 9, 2016.  In the words of the famous Roman pundit Flamio Sagacimus “Elect a clown; expect a circus.”


(By the way: When was the last time you got to use the word censorious in everyday speech let alone in a song?  It occurred to me in the shower one day that censorious rhymes with notorious.)


© 2018, Steven E. Cutts

a Studio C recording, summer 2018


No one ever seemed to listen; you were constantly ignored,

And you felt lumped in with all those folks that candidate deplored.

You’d worked so long and hard but never got the least respect;

You turned a tad bit desperate and about to disconnect.

Then along came Mister Right (at last!) a man who spoke the truth.

OK, he was a little crude; he was a little bit uncouth,

But he swore that he would be your loyal, tremendous, true-blue friend;

He’d make a real clean sweep of things; he’d make it all great again.


I hope you’re happy now that things have tipped your way.

This time it is your turn to shine; this time it is your chance to say,

“You bet I’m happy now!   Don’t care who’s feeling sad.

I deserve my Galahad.

You bet I’m happy now!”



Do you fully understand how what you started has gone down?

This guy you thought was promising turns out to be a clown.

He’s unfaithful; he’s a bully; and his lying is notorious;

You cannot guess what he’ll say next; his tone is so censorious.

His temper tantrums make him look no better than a child.

He blusters when he’s flustered, and his language can be vile.

He’s turned our friends against us; we’ve become a laughing stock.

Instead of being just “sort of bad”, he’s worse than we all thought.


I hope you’re happy now – now that you’ve made this mess.

Would you like to have a second chance?   Want to reassess

What you have done to us?   You picked a lunatic.

You had your hissy fit.

I hope you’re happy now!



He keeps acting like a rookie, but he played you like a pro.

He promised you the stars, but it’s been more like a black hole.

Let’s hope everything’s not ruined when it’s time for him to go.

I hope you’re happy now.   I hope you’re happy now!