Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.  (I don't believe I have ever quoted David Bowie before!)  I wrote this with a particular class of high school seniors in mind (the Class of 2004 of Georgetown Day School) and played it for them at their senior banquet (with Topher Dunne and Matt Shortridge.)

© 2004 Steven E. Cutts
 a Studio C recording, Summer 2009


Found an old pair of pants in the back of my closet

Sort of hiding on a hook in the dark back there.

Don’t know how I lost track of those trousers;

Once there was a time they were my favorite pair.


Thought I’d feel what the “good old” old times felt like;

Should have left well enough alone!

I popped the zipper -- almost split the seams.

Finally understood what it was that I’d outgrown.


Moving on                      on beyond

Beyond today and closer to the dawn.

Tomorrow’s filled with expectations and surprise;

Equal parts hellos     and equal parts good-byes.


There was a hill up the road from our house

That we would climb when we rode our bikes.

When I was eight that hill seemed more like a mountain;

I’d pump and pump and pump until I thought I’d die.


Today that hill feels like no big deal

When I’m out for a ten-mile run.

There are other hills that are still to come;

I figure I can only climb them one by one.


Now, I played a tune the other day

I’ve always played when I felt blue

But I turned it off barely half-way through;

It did not do the magic that it used to do.