This recording remains a favorite of mine in large part because of the instrumental and vocal additions by Grammy winners Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer.  I hear in my vocal the influence of Ray Benson of the great western swing band Asleep At The Wheel.

© 1996 Steven E. Cutts  (ASCAP)

recorded in mid-March 2000 at Bias Studios (recorded and mixed by Jim Robeson)

on All Alone . . . But Hardly On My Own 

  • Steve,  acoustic guitar & lead vocal 
  • Robert Bartley, drums
  • Cathy Fink, vocal harmony 
  • Marcy Marxer, electric guitar, mandolin,  & vocal harmony  
  • John Lewis, electric bass
  • Casey O’Neal, pedal steel guitar


When you and I'd go dancing Friday nights, what started out as fun would turn to fights.

You'd say you loved me so until I’d waltz across your toes!

You said I'd better learn my left foot from my right.     

I wanted you to be so proud of me, so I worked to cure my disability.

The local Foxtrot Studio taught me to rumba and tango.

A hundred lessons later and I was dancing like a pro !          

When we resumed our dancing escapades,  I danced so well!  You clearly were amazed!

Right then, if truth be told I felt your shoulder grew stone cold

As you discovered you had been upstaged.

You asked me to change to keep love true.  Then when I did you said that we were through!

I took up your dare and now I dance like Fred Astair, but the only one I'm dancing with is your memory.

You disappeared.   I summoned the police; we searched the dance halls north, south, west and east.

But you two-stepped out on me and left me dancing hopelessly.

What am I to do with all my new-found expertise?

 . . .   You did not play fair; now I'm waltzing solitaire . . .

 . . .   We'd have made such a pair with my dancing savoir faire  . . .