Ah, the circle of life!  Here’s another case of plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.


As Rob and I devised the piano part, we tried to channel memories of Tom Lehrer, satirical writer and performer (and MIT professor !) circa 1960.


© 2019 Steven E. Cutts

recorded and edited Oct. 15, 2019 at Ocean Way Nashville by Austin Atwood

additional mixing by Jim Robeson


Steve, vocal

Robert Bartley, piano


It’s an awkward time in life, a confusing time in life;

It feels like we are neither here nor there.

We have doubts about our future; we ask existential questions;

And even worse, we worry about our hair.


Our teeth could use some straightening; our skin is not so clear;

We listen but, honestly, we don’t always hear.

Sex is so mysterious; heaven knows we’re curious;

But all of that goes up in smoke when we look in the mirror.


By this stage we’re supposed to be reliable, it’s true,

But there are things we just forget to do.

Grumpy is a frequent mood; we sometimes come off sounding rude;

They say it is a phase we all go through.


I am a senior – No! not a senior in high school!

I’ve crossed the Great Divide of sixty-five.

You’d think that with maturity I’d have conquered insecurity,

But my angst often runs in overdrive.


Now I’m a senior, like my old grandpa!

I wish my joints would bend like long ago.

I still have my dreams – they’re different from my teens;

I know this is a phase I won’t outgrow.


It’s an awkward time in life, a confusing time in life;

It feels like I am neither here nor there.

The Beatles pondered sixty-four; I’m past that and a couple of more.


Do you still need me?  Will you still feed me?

When I’m seventy-four?   Or eighty-four?

Or ninety-four, or a hundred and four?