The Prime Cutts features recordings of many of the songs that I have written over the last twenty-plus years.  

You are able to listen to each of the 43 songs posted here through an audio player that is built into the website; you do not have to have any specific audio software installed on your own digital device.  Just click the big arrow to the left of the song's title.  Sometimes it takes a second or two to start playing.  And watch the volume; it is robust!  (Why 43?  Because it's a prime number!  Ha!)

Without charge, you may download any or all of the tracks to add to your audio collection. My hope is, of course, that you will find songs that set your toes tapping AND that you will pass the link to this site to friends so their toes can get in on the action too.  To download, simply click on the "DOWNLOAD" link which is to the right of the title.

Some of these “prime cuts” were written and recorded years ago, some more recently. Some tracks were released on one of three albums that I’ve produced; some I have never shared until now.  Some of the songs were recorded in a professional recording studio with the help of terrific musicians; I recorded the others by myself at home using the GarageBand computer software.  (I refer to these as “Studio C Recordings.”)

Each song’s page provides information about when the song was composed, when and where it was recorded, and what musicians contributed to that recording.  I have posted the lyrics if you are one who likes to follow the printed word or should any lyric be unclear to your ear.

The collection is grouped loosely by genre.  The six genre navigation buttons appear along the left.  Within each genre, songs appear chronologically in the order in which I recorded them from the bottom so that the more recent songs are towards the top of each list.

Please enjoy, and visit often to see what is new!        STEVE CUTTS